The Best Drugstore Highlighters Under $15 ♥️

Hi guys! Welcome back to our blog. We know it's been a while since our last post but we are back! We thought the best way to start off again would be to make an updated best drugstore highlighters post (since that is one of our most popular blog post ever!). With this updated post, we have upped our budget slightly and everything we talk about will be under $15. We have also decided to rate the highlighters based on shine factor from a scale of 1-5, in this case a 5 would be a blinding highlighter more suitable for night time and a 1 would be a  soft, more natural, everyday highlighter. The idea behind the shine factor ratings came from Karima McKimmie. 

Let's start off with the NYX dose of dew face gloss. This highlighter is a very natural, glow from within type. It is a cream product so we wouldn't recommend setting your face with any powder beforehand because it may pick up the concealer or foundation underneath - which was a mistake we made when we first tried it. The shine factor on this highlighter would be somewhere from 1 to 2. This is one of those highlighters that gives your face the editorial look, where the highest point of your face looks glossy or wet. The downside to this highlighter is that it doesn't dry down (it kind of stays tacky to the touch) but it does not feel uncomfortable and will not bother you at all. 


The second highlighter we want to talk about is the NYX strobe of genius illuminating palette. It has seven beautiful highlighter shades and none of them are glittery, making it perfect for those of you who have textured skin. There are two colours in the palette that are a bit out there (yellow and purple), but it is always good to have some wild colours in your collection. They can always come in handy for festival season, especially the purple shade. The shades in the top row (except for one) are more like a satin rather than metallic or glossy finish. The bottom three have a mix between glossy and metallic shades. The shine factor for the satin highlighters will probably be 1, it's very natural. The glossy highlighter's shine factor is around 2 to 3. Although the regular cost of this palette is CAD $27, right now at Shopper Drug Marts in Canada the palette is on sale for ONLY $8.99! If you guys are interested in this palette or looking for a new highlighter palette, we strongly recommend that you get this now! 

Next, let's talk about the Elf shimmer highlighter in the shade sunset glow. This highlighter is a very natural everyday highlighter, it's has a satin formula. The shine factor would be around 1, however this type of highlighter is great if you have problematic skin because it won't emphasize any texture. This product is also perfect for school or work since it gives a sophisticated look. The quality of this highlighter is SO much better than NYX's baked highlighters that we have talked about before. With this highlighter, you don't have to scrape the top layer to get the product to show up on your skin. Also, while the shade we have tried here (sunset glow) is more suited for someone with a medium skin tone, this product comes in a variety of different shades - there will be something for everyone!


The next highlighter we have been trying is the Maybelline master chrome highlighter in rose gold. We know we have mentioned this product before, but that was the gold  shade and in our opinion this new rose gold colour is SO much better than the gold. The shine factor for this highlighter is a 5 and it is a metallic formula. This colour doesn't look pink or rose gold on the face, it looks more like a peachy colour. Especially, for our skin tone (medium) it looks like our skin is glowing from within even though it is metallic. It is definitely more of a night out product but we love to wear it during daytime as well. It is very shimmery but not glittery at all. 


Another Maybelline product that made it into this list is actually an eyeshadow - the Maybelline expert wear in the shade the glo down. Even though it is an eyeshadow, it works great as a highlighter for light to medium skin tones. The shine factor for this highlighter is a 3. It is a beautiful golden highlighter with the formula being somewhere between a satin and metallic finish. It is also pretty long wearing if you set it with a setting spray.  

The last highlighter we have to talk about is the Sleek highlighter palettes in cleopatra's kiss and solstice. We know that you can’t buy this product in Canadian drugstores, but you can buy this from for $14.99 and free shipping, which is why we thought we should mention it in this post (especially because it is so beautiful). Let’s talk about the original palette, the solstice palette. You get one cream, one satin and two shimmery highlighters in the palette. It is definitely more suited for light to medium skin tones because most of the colours are too light for medium to tan skin tones (in our opinion). The shine factor for these highlighters is a 5 - they are VERY blinding, very shimmery, and kind of glittery but not chunky. This is a perfect highlighter to wear during a night out with your girls but we wouldn’t recommend this for people with textured or troubled skin because of the glitter, it will emphasize everything. The cleopatra’s kiss palette on the other hand is perfect for people with medium to tan skin tones. Similar to the other one, it is very blinding and has a shine factor of 5, making it perfect for a night out. With this palette you get two cream shades and 2 powder shades.



Additionally, not all highlighters will work for every skin tone. Here is what we think works best with the previously mentioned highlighters:

Fair/light skin tones NYX dose of dew face gloss, NYX strobe of genius illuminating palette, Maybelline expert wear in the shade the glo down, Maybelline master chrome highlighter in rose gold, and Sleek solstice.

Medium/Tan skin tones:  NYX dose of dew face gloss, NYX strobe of genius illuminating palette,  Elf shimmer highlighter in the shade sunset glowMaybelline expert wear in the shade the glo down, Maybelline master chrome highlighter in rose gold, and Sleek cleopatra's kiss.

Deep skin tones: NYX strobe of genius illuminating palette, and Sleek cleopatra's kiss.

We hope you guys like our post and found it helpful! We have a lot more posts coming your way! So stay tuned for that. If you guys have any requests, please do let us know! Until next time....


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