Summer Favourites ♥️

Can you guys believe it's already August?! Soon it's going to be fall and since summer is coming to an end, we thought we would share our current favourite summer products. We have decided to split this post into two sections and this week, I (Naila) will share my summer favourites with you!


This summer, my makeup inspiration has definitely been Meghan Markle. I am loving the natural and fresh look. I feel like the trend nowadays is full coverage everything (not that I have anything against full coverage makeup), but full coverage everything is a bit too much for me. I do however always use full coverage concealer because I have REALLY bad dark under eye circles and most lightweight concealers don't work for me.


Lately, I have been skipping foundation when I do my makeup because my skin has been pretty good, so I'm okay just using concealer. When I do wear foundation however, I love mixing it with the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood flawless filter in the shade 4 medium. Since I have dry skin, I need the extra help and this product gives my skin a very nice, healthy glow. The Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood flawless filter has no coverage in my opinion, so if you don't like wearing foundation you can just wear it by itself. 


Ever since I found my favourite blush brush, I have been wearing blushes nonstop! Currently, I am obsessed with Urban Decay's afterglow 8 hours in the shade video. It is a nude blush with a matte formula and I think this blush has made me obsessed with everything nude. I have to thank Allan Davison for this product - she spoke of it in many of her youtube videos so I just had to pick it up and I can't seem to put it down ever since. I love everything about this product. 


For bronzer, I am dying over the Jennifer Lopez boogie down bronze freedom system bronzing powder in the shade J219 sunset. I don't know why I haven't heard many people talking about this product because let me tell you, this product is the jam. Usually, I love layering my bronzers (a trick I learned from none other than Allan Davison), but with this product, I NEVER have to do that. Every time I wear it, I feel like I get the Jlo bronze and who doesn't want that?!


The highlighter that I am loving is the Natasha Denona super glow in the shade 02 light medium. It is one of those wet editorial looking highlighters that I have been obsessed with. It is a pretty new highlighter, which again I haven't heard many people talking about yet, but I have been totally obsessed with it ever since I tried it out. It is like a champagne shade on me and it is a VERY BLINDING highlighter. 


This summer, I decided to try something different by not wearing any eyeshadows and just went with eyeliner. I have been going crazy over Mac's eyeliner in the shade teddy. I picked up this product because of Meghan Markle. I was curious about the products that she loves and it seems like this is one of her favourites and I can see why. It is such a unique product and the colour is sooo beautiful, it is bronze but with a hint of purple (changes depending on how the light hits your eyes). I love wearing it both on the top and bottom waterline.


With that pencil eyeliner, I love wearing the Lancome monsieur big mascara or the L'oreal voluminous lash paradise waterproof. It depends on how sunny it is because when it is too sunny outside, I always get watery eyes so I have to wear waterproof mascara. I feel like the Lancome gives A LOT of volume and makes your lashes look like you are wearing fake lashes. However, it is not a very lengthening mascara. With the L'oreal voluminous lash paradise mascara, you get both length and volume and it is SOOO MUCH CHEAPER.


Lastly, I have been loving the Dior lip glow colour reviver glam in the shade 004 coral, I know this product has been out of stock for a long time but again, I bought this product because of Meghan Markle. She was wearing this in her wedding day mix with other lip colours. This product reacts with your PH level and gives you a custom colour so it looks different on everyone. The colour looks a bit pinker on me than coral, but I still love the colour. My favourite thing about it is when the colour wears off, it leaves you with a beautiful stain that lasts a while. 


I hope you guys like this post and found it helpful! If you guys have any requests, please do let us know! Until next time....


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